Transgenesis Core Facility (TCF)


Our mission is to provide a centralized resource and state-of-the-art technology for the generation of transgenic animals.

We can perform direct pronuclear injection of DNA in the mouse oocyte, which has been the standard method of transgenesis for more than three decades.



Mission and services


As an attractive alternative, we are one of the very few platforms that provide a fast and efficient way to generate transgenic animals through the use of lentiviral vectors.

is relatively easy to perform and leads to high percentages of provirus-positive animals. Moreover, a wide variety of lentiviral vectors have been developed that can all be used in transgenic animals, thus allowing for a broad range of genetic manipulations including externally controllable expression and knockdown, the latter offering an economically advantageous alternative to stable knockout.


Beyond this primary service, we are also proposing a general support in both and as our expertise in lentiviral vectors has become of general interest for many other applications than transgenesis.


Taking advantage of our expertise in embryo manipulation we also propose the as a routine service.

This procedure allows cleaning and hosting of a wide range of mouse lines in the SPF area of the EPFL animal house.